I am a teacher by heart, a writer by trade, and an entrepreneur by choice.
I wear many hats and I like it that way. 

Welcome to my site. I hope you've found what you're looking for. I'd love to find a meaningful way to connect.
I look forward to hearing from you. 


A born teacher, I've been "playing school" since I was 5. 

Officially though, I have 10+ years of experience teaching English at the high school and college level as well as tutoring one-on-one with students of varying ages and learning abilities in all of the humanities based subjects to include: English, Writing, World History, US History, European History, Psychology, and Sociology. 

I specialize in helping students and parents power through the college admissions process and I have a 90% success rate in helping students pass their AP Exams. 

My teaching philosophy is summed up in 3words:  

Engage. Encourage. Excel.

ENGAGE with my students with subject matterthat is interesting and purposeful.

ENCOURAGE my students to work hard toachieve their educational goals.

And, I watch my students EXCEL while successfully and confidently reaching their full potential. 


I help students, adults, and entrepreneurs find their creative, academic, or professional writing voice for all types of writing to include: Company or Brand Stories, Linkedin profiles, Resumes, Academic Essays & Research Papers, Fiction, and Memoirs. 

And in one of my fun writing projects, I contribute my musings about balancing life, business, and relationships as a 30-something Singleton on David Cruz's (Bravo's, The Millionaire Matchmaker) blog, Finding-Cupid


Founder of Bare Organic Mixers, I am an East Coast, Italian girl who started my career as a teacher at San Diego State University. As an East Coast transplant, I thought it would be fun to bring the popular summertime product, Italian Ice, to the West Coast, so I started a company on the side making and selling Italian Ice at street fairs and farmers markets. Soon after, my friends began asking me to bring Italian Ice to parties, so they could mix it with liquor, and make all-natural, low-calorie frozen cocktails.

A year later, I was laid off from teaching., and while I was drinking one of my Italian Ice cocktails, a lightbulb went off, and I decided to recreate my current product and turn it into an all-natural, low-calorie cocktail mixer.

Originally named SoCal LowCal and created in my San Diego kitchen, I navigated the process of sourcing, bottling, and manufacturing a product. A year later, I changed the name to Bare Mixers, so it was more appealing on a national scale. 

In 2014, I sold the company to Ultimate Superfoods, Inc. The line is now USDA Certified Organic, and the brand name has been updated to Bare Organic Mixers.®